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Are you a professional looking for a new brand of slimming & wellness products for your beauty salon, your sports hall, your pharmacy or your doctor’s surgery?

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Become a retailer of our ranges of diet products, food supplements and organic essential oil blends designed to promote health, slimming and wellness.
Take advantage of over 40 years of expertise and set up a partnership offering full service support.

Synergy of 3 areas of expertise: Nutritional Therapy, Phytotherapy, Aromatherapy.

Over 40 years’ experience

Full service support

100% French production

Full service support and white-label products

Magali Grenouilleau
2nd prize winner
International Women’s Prize
2nd edition of the Occitane Trophies 2017

The main purpose of “Women of economy” Trophies is to reveal female talent across the French territory.

The first territory women’s network brings to light women’s professional success and we are proud to announce that our CEO Magali Grenouilleau has won the second prize of the category “International Women”.

Magali Grenouilleau decides to engage in the entrepreneurial adventure by taking over the company LMP Santé … Back then, the challenge was to motivate the staff and redress the turnover … Successful bet for the company manager, which has been able to establish a real business project with its employees and regain the Tunisian market, strategic for the development of the company’s turnover …” Magali Grenouilleau’s portrait (in French)

International Women’s prize targets all women leading export and international business development of their products or services and participating in the company’s governance.

LMP Santé, founded by Pierre MARTIN-PRIVAT, Doctor of pharmacy based in Lattes (just outside Montpellier), has been promoting health & wellbeing through nutrition and the virtues of plants for more than 40 years.

Our company started by specialising in the field of phytotherapy, with the goal of finding alternative and natural solutions to general health and wellness issues: indigestion, stress, insomnia, sore joints, poor circulation, and fatigue, etc.

In 1990, we focused on nutrition and nutritional therapy with the desire to promote health following the precept of Hippocrates “let food be your first medicine”.

In the first decade of this century, we naturally became interested in Aromatherapy and expanded our expertise and know-how, developing our own formula of organic essential oil blends, distributed under the Océante brand.

Today, LMP Santé, which employs more than 20 people, specialises in the production and distribution of dietary products, food supplements and organic essential oil blends.

Its different ranges of product lines are not only sold to individuals, but also to slimming and wellness professionals.

Drawing on its extensive experience, LMP Santé also offers both full service support and a white-labelling concept:

  • Full-service: support for professionals who place trust in our company at every stage, from the initial idea right up to the delivery of the end products (customised formulations & packaging, legal assistance, help with the marketing formalities, manufacture and packaging)
  • White label: range of standard formula that can be customised with the client’s own brand name.

Quality and safety have been the values of our company for more than 40 years.

We are formulators of food supplements which we distribute to our customers. Our guarantees include:

  • The careful selection of raw ingredients: for their quality, properties, concentration in active principles. We use plants processed using natural techniques to be as close to, and in harmony with, nature as possible. Our essential oil blends carry the « ecological and organic cosmetics » label: they undergo strict controls by Ecocert Greenlife, an independent certification body.

LMP Santé - EcocertLMP Santé - Charte cosmétique Bio

Optimal dosages to ensure the best results. Our products are manufactured using dry plant extracts, (separation of the active components) and are therefore more concentrated than those made using total plant powder.

  • Their safety by ensuring compliance with all applicable French and European laws, as well as regular monitoring of the manufacturing and packaging processes.
  • All our products are manufactured locally (and Made in France) so as to ensure full traceability. Since Spring 2016, some of our food supplements have been awarded the “South of France/Sud de France” Label, a label created by the Languedoc-Roussillon Region, to promote and ensure the recognition and know-how of regional products.

LMP Santé - Sud de France


In France:

  • Consumers: more than 320,000 people have come to trust our company and our products
  • Professionals: distributed to many beauty salons and wellness centres, doctors, health professionals, sport centres + confidential partnerships set up with various brands.

On the Internet:

In other countries:

Switzerland, Belgium, North Africa, Lebanon, Greece and Japan

LMP Santé minceur

Each one of us is different, and we don’t always have the time, strength or the necessary information to take charge of our lives.

Our slimming range products have been specifically developed to promote effective and long-lasting weight loss. Thanks to our food supplements and high-protein diet products, the efficacy of the slimming process is ensured in two ways:

  1. They provide the body with the required amount of protein to maintain muscle mass.
  2. They oblige the body, due to a reduced calorie intake, to use up its fat tissue to obtain the extra energy it needs.

Protein slimming snacks:

  • High-protein dietary preparations packaged in sachets or shaker bottles (approx. thirty different flavours)
  • Chocolate bars, high in protein and fibre

Slimming supplements:

  • Drainage, metabolic regulators, appetite suppressants, muscular mass maintainers

LMP Santé Bien être

Our body is our most precious asset. We need to protect it using mild, effective solutions adapted to the body’s little signs of imbalance: digestion, stress, sleep disorders, sore joints, bad circulation, fatigue, etc.

Our WELLNESS RANGE consists of hard & soft capsules, tablets, break-open phials, liquids, and essential oil blends packaged in jars or pillboxes, vials or phials.

It has been formulated based on vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, plants and other substances for nutritional or physiological purposes.

  • Digestive comfort and transit
  • Stress – sleep
  • Joints wellness
  • Circulation wellness
  • Vitality – energy
  • The essentials: bone capital, memory, cardiovascular and respiratory wellness
  • Wellness for women

LMP Santé Beauté

Beauty starts on the inside! Because skin and hair are a reflection of our health, our laboratories have designed products as a complement to the usual treatments you provide.